Rediscover the power of print

The essential role of print in your omnichannel strategy

In today's digital age, traditional marketing tactics can seem like ancient relics of a bygone era.

Energy utility marketers are focused on standing out in an overly crowded digital space – where brands of every shape and size are vying for consumers' ever-shrinking attention spans. How does your brand break through the sensory overload?

It starts with an omnichannel marketing strategy. In this approach, every channel is a meaningful touchpoint along the customer journey – even the age-old medium of print. In fact, traditional marketing, like direct mail, bill inserts and customer service merchandising, can actually reinforce your brand and serve as a strong differentiator.

Print is alive

In a holistic omnichannel campaign, print continues to be an essential element, helping to build brand recognition and trust among consumers.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a recent marketing study finds that consumers trust traditional advertising (print, TV and radio) more than digital advertising. In fact, 82 percent of consumers surveyed used print advertising to make a purchasing decision, followed by direct mail (76 percent). Half of the survey respondents read direct mail and print ads – an engagement level consistent with email.2

With our email inboxes inundated with endless marketing emails, direct mail can actually achieve equivalent, and in some cases, higher response rates than email. The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) finds direct mail generates a 4.4 percent response rate versus 0.12 percent for email communications. Based on this report's findings, overall response rates ranged from 10 to 30 times higher for direct mail.3

Traditional marketing collateral doesn't just appeal to older adults – even tech-savvy millennials recognize the value of direct mail. According to the DMA, 84 percent of millennials spend time reviewing their mail, and 64 percent would prefer to scan their mail versus email.4

Print-powered program promotions

For Questline client PSEG Long Island, print marketing materials were integrated into their larger omni-channel strategy to promote the utility's new My Account customer portal. The campaign featured a number of digital and traditional touchpoints, including email marketing, social media, online ads, customer service center signage, postcards and bill inserts.

"The creation of omni-channel campaigns that include everything from emails and social media to office signage and direct mail gives our communications an eye-catching and cohesive look and feel that both reinforces the brand and drives engagement. It's a win-win."

- Michelle Somers, Lead Program Manager, Marketing & Digital, PSEG Long Island

Showcasing the power of print in today's digital world, AEP Ohio has successfully promoted its various customer programs through traditional marketing collateral. The energy utility's recent omni-channel campaign featured a mix of digital and traditional assets, including emails, postcards and bill inserts.

"Bill inserts continue to be one of our most effective methods of advertising."

- Dave Tabata, AEP Ohio's Manager, Consumer Programs

Print is (part of) the future

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to marketing campaigns. Questline can help your energy utility find the right mix of digital and traditional tactics to maximize customer engagement. Find out how we can help create a custom campaign.